karst Landscape in the Burren Co Clare.
“The Burren where there is not enough water to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him…… and yet their cattle are very fat; for the grass growing in turfs of earth, of two or three foot square, that lie between the rocks, which are of limestone, is very sweet and nourishing.”
Edmund Ludlow 1651

The Burren (Irish: Boireann) meaning “great rock”, Boirinn is a karst-limestone landscape. It encompasses an area of approximately 250 square kilometres. It is designated a national park and is unique in the world. It has a rich abundance of rare arctic-alpine and mediterranean flora living side by side. The Burren is also rich with historical and archaeological sites and did we mention its beautiful too !

The Burren is world famous for its flora, fauna, archaeology, geology and speleology and it is on our doorstep. We would love to recommend routes,walks and tours of the area to you.